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Coraline - Let them be happy. by LadyIcepaw Coraline - Let them be happy. by LadyIcepaw
When my brother isn't at home, I sometimes make myself comfortable in his room and watch movies on Netflix - usually animated movies or cheesy RomComs.
Yesterday I watched "Coraline" without really knowing what to expect, and oh boy, it was absolutely great. I mean, it's probably the scariest and most bizarre kid's movie I've ever seen (some of these jumpscares really got me good), and I guess I would have been pretty terrified if I would've seen it when I was a small kid, but the style is so unique and beautiful and I just love how this movie bursts with symbolism. It was refreshing to see something so different from the usual Disney movies.

One thing I noticed was that every main character appears to have a distinct, recognizable way of moving or a certain kind of posture that is unique to them. Wybie, for example, tends to have a very slumped posture and tilt his head very often, and I think he also fidgets with his hands a lot. He actually reminds me of myself when I was a kid, which is probably why I like him so much. And the 'other' him is just really fascinating, I don't even know when was the last time I felt so much compassion for a character in a movie.
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MislamicPearl Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Seeing Other Wybie in the back.. oh my heart ;_;
FoxyandChicafan Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I just watched it days ago, for the first time.

Wybie is such a cute dork. Who wouldn't love that guy?
JetMalek Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Professional General Artist
Wow! I really like how you described Wybie, & especially the way you drew him here. ^__^ The fog effect you created is *so* fitting of this film, too~:music:

Do you think you might read the book? The film was, I believe, based off of Coraline by Neil Gaiman. (I found it on, but... ...I can't tell if they sell any translated into German. -_- I'm sorry...… )
LadyIcepaw Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I'm considering to read the novella, maybe I'll ask my Mum to get it for me next time she uses her amazon-account. ^^ And I actually like to choose the original english version of books or movies whenever I get chance, they're good practice :)
JetMalek Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Professional General Artist
Ohh, *that* is cool! ^___^ I'm so happy that you enjoyed the film, & got to make this beautiful piece afterwards~:music:
Midnight197 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw this movie years ago...and I was a kid...I never saw them again...And I never will x'D
TheVoidSylph Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This movie really was awesome. I've seen it years ago, but I still love it today. ( I saw that when I saw a kid bluuh) anyway, really nice art 0:
GumiGummy Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love this movie SOOOOO much
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